Uninterruptible Power Supplies



Leader in the production of power electronics ELEN was established in 1988 in İstanbul. Elen is a strong brand in Turkey and the world. In 2018 Elen has been in the market for 30 years and today in Turkey have established regional offices and dealerships in many cities and sales and service networks in more then 60 countries in the world under the brand ELEN which is the leader not only in the sector, also being leader of successful innovations and entrepreneurship too. In Uninterrupted Power Source area, with having domestic and intelligent technological production understanding Elen is the solution partner in International markets which is acting in cooperate with the world’s giants.

Consequently each year as part of our steady growth rate, while we are continuing to production in our factory which established in Kütahya on 80.000 m2 land and we are also so proud to bring our second factory into the action. While we continue to create new employment areas with our new investments by laying the foundations of our third factory, we are working with our best to provide added value for Turkey.

To provide Professional sales & Marketing service about Uninterrupted Power Source Equipment and products , we are always preparing the most efficient solutions to satisfy the needs from customers, indusrty and the market as soon as possible. We are distributing our products which are produced exactly as with the latest technology used in the world, from our factories to Turkey and the World. Within R&D, besides being manufacturer of Uninterrupted Power source we are also producing Regulators, STS, IT,Panel and Solar energy systems, Wind energy systems, Industrial automation systems and Server cabinets, and also we offer Data Center solutions that are specific to the IT industry.
As being Elen, we are seriously working for produce the highest quality products with fast and trustworthy after-sale support to satisfy the customer needs. We have also developed special software to track all of our customers’ devices. Beside that we developed a special software to track all of our customers’ devices and able to answer their needs rapidly. We provide 7/24 with advanced sales service. Our devices are in the process from production to shipment to pass through several quality control and testing. We are committed to continue and to become a leading company in the sector with its professional cadres who implement quality management systems and adopt the philosophy of continuous improvement and improvement.

In today’s world Elen’s Products are finding their suitable places in every known sectors. We are having so serious referances from institutions and organizations. It is very important to prevent electrical interruptions in medical devices that are vital for human health, such as tomography, MR, intensive care units, laboratory equipment. In this regard, Enel has 70% of public and private hospitals in the device trails in Turkey. Not only in Hospitals; we use many public institutions and private sector devices such as Airports, Data Center, Industrial Buildings, Railways, Universities, National Defense Ministry and Banks.

Proud to be one of the most established institutions in the industry with having more than 30 years experince and having so many precious referances from institutions and organizations that we are working together. Enel will continue to offer the best solutions under its expertise.