ENEL is an institution that attaches importance to continuous research and development in it’s past 30 years. The success that ELEN earned and made our company grow starting from the first years of establish till today this part’s importance is to big. The leader of power electronics ELEN when firstly established the R&D Department, they were just a small team which consisted with three people. Nowadays that small team turned a huge organisation consisted sixty people inside. As a result of this R&D department of ELEN is developing higher quality, more technological and higher value added products. Actualize the firsts in Turkey and in the World shows the power of ELEN’s R&D. As design and production Uninterruptible power supply without transformer at 300kVA is the only one product which produced firstly in World.

ELEN is also the first one who is using the Three – level Inverter in products and also produce highly efficient uninterruptible power supply. ELEN’s R&D department knows the possible problems from energy so following that they found out renewable energy sources like solar energy and wind power can be the exact solution. Hybrid Uninterruptible Power Supply created from R&D department as a first move of the renewable energy sources idea. High power central inverters used in photovoltaic power plants and more smaller powerful inverters for individual use are developed and produced by R&D Department in the market. For other renewable energy sources R&D works are ongoing.

In order to further develop the R&D infrastructure and culture that ENEL has, and to prove that quality activities are being carried out in our country, In December 2011 ELEN applied in order to benefit from the opportunities offered from T.C. Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology General Directorate of Science and Technology “Law No. 5746 on Supporting Research and Development Activities” for R&D Center. As a result of the reviews and observations made by the referee, It has been decided that ENEL R&D department will be included in the scope of R & D center status as of March 2012. Since from 2013 being succesfully passed from the audits of R&D Center, ELEN is carrying out being the R&D Center status for years.

ELEN, uses the products of the world’s leading semiconductor companies in its products. For this reason between ELEN and semiconductor producer companies, thet are producing solutions with cooperation. R&D Department is working with academicians and attach importance to collaboration between university and the industry. Because of that ELEN introduces the benefits of working with the universities to their users.