Quality and Environmental Policy

As being ELEN our quality policy is, produce the high quality Uninterrupted Power Source Systems to satisfy our customers expectations and work for provide reliable after-sales support services. We are determined to be the leading company which is Implementing quality management systems and adopt the philosophy of continuous development, improvement with our professional personnels.

  • OSH and Environmental Policy
  • To comply with all legal requirements related to Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) and Environmental Issues, and to continuously improve this by making it part of the company's culture,
  • Establishing with a systematic approach, identification of hazards related to OHS, taking all preventive measures before accidents and occupational diseases,
  • It’s our responsibility to create a healthy and safe working atmosphere and also give educations to make our personnels have the same awareness;
  • We are providing energy solutions with being respectful to environment,
  • To develop products and services which can be ecofriendly
  • About enviroment and OHS follow the innovations and developments
  • Providing unconditional and willingness to compliance with the environment and OSH regulations,
  • About enviroment and being eco-friendly, create awaraness with employees and customers,
  • Maintaining all environmental impacts in all our business processes,
  • To prevent environmental pollution which can occur in our work
  • To be carefull to enviroment and OHS in all our departments,
  • To elliminate and minimise all the contaminants,
  • To protect our natural resources like energy and water
  • To care and do activities about recycling policy
  • Detailed inquiry of the environmental effects of the supplied products
  • Following and trying to make continuous improvements about the OHS and Environmental Management Systems
  • Enel Enerji A.Ş. undertakes to keep its promises in the field of environment and OHS issues with the titles that we consider in all working processes and in every department.