Next Generation Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Increased energy costs in recent years made the use of highly efficient electrical and electronic devices necessarily. The lastest technology in UPS sector called 3L (Three Level) topology developed. With using DSP control and IGBT rectifier and inverter uninterruptible power supplies, we achieved a very high efficiency value of %96 at %50 load. 3L uninterruptible power supplies are more superior about energy, more lower about the cost and the dynamic load response is more faster than the 2L uninterruptible power supplies. Especially at high Powers beacuse of the very high yield value it can meets its own cost in a short time.
3 Level The small size of material used in UPSs’ and In terms of less iron and copper losses because the transformer is not used, this product has the highest efficiency (till %96) with having advantages of the econonmy and the nature.

As being ELEN ENERGY we achieved a first in Turkey to produce 30-800 kVA power range Uninterruptible power supplies which can work %96 efficiency in half load. Instead of low-efficiency UPS, ıf users use new generation with very high efficiency UPS, they can see the savings calculated for high power values down below.

When a new generation of highly efficient Uninterruptible Power Supplies is used, a 10-year savings chart has been shown for different device Powers. As we can understand from the chart , high energy efficient Uninterruptible power supplies reduce the energy-saving budget considerably. New generation 3L UPSs produced in ENEL uninterruptible power supplies offers uninterrupted and high quality service without any problems with its high efficiency and performance under difficult load types.

%12 more active power
Output power factor of new generation high efficiency UPSs is 0.9
Offers 12% more active power for use compared to other UPSs on the market

With ECO – MODE More Savings!
UPSs that are used for high-efficiency operation must have the Programmable MOD feature and must be remotely controllable. Users can able to use ECO-MODE in a day or in weekends to do more saving.

1.Continuous Eco MOD
2.For Date/Time Eco MOD
3.Eco MOD according to load rate
4.Eco MOD for Date/Time and according to load rate

Communication Feature
It has a very advanced user interface. Using this interface, it is possible to reach many parameters on the UPS. Test, scheduled events, assignment of role outputs, access to alert and data logs, e-mail sending, status analysis, monitoring, encryption and so on. there are many more features.
Ideal Working Conditions
As in electrical electronic devices, in UPSs they also need suitable ambient conditions so that they can operate smoothly. Conditions such as temperature, humidity and dust can negatively affect the operation of the UPS, and cause the UPS to work inefficiently.
The most common of these external factors is temperature so to ensure the proper conditions we use air conditioners. The lost energy that is spent on UPSs is dissipated as the heat energy of other environments. The usage of air conditioner is lower in new generation high efficiency UPSs because the lost energy is also lower.Low-power selected air conditioner is going to spent less energy so it’s also saving the energy.
Cost of low air conditioning
When new generation high efficiency UPS2 are using, the cooling need is getting lower directly.

Wish you to use uninterrupted and high quality energy…