ELEN ENERGY - Technical Service

As being ELEN our first purpose is improving our service with the most professional way to create customer satisfaction. We are giving solutions to all over the world and having the advantage of doing one hundred percent domestic production with having expert educated personnel. Whenever our customers need maintenance, commissioning, spare parts and technical support we are assertive to give these services fastest and highest quality. One of the our other first priority is not just our products, but also giving the technical service for 7/24 without any interruption. We are trying to produce the highest quality products, giving the trustworthy and fast after sale support service. In addition, thanks to the special software developed by our IT department, we are able to track all of our customers’ devices and provide a quick return to their requests. On the other hand, all devices in its portfolio pass through quality control and testing from the production till the forwarding. We have a professional staff who implement quality management systems and adopt the philosophy of continuous improvement. Our technical service services:

Everywhere in Turkey to determine the system that the user needs, we are doing “free load detection” in place and having the report of it to give the best solution fort he customer.

With the different maintenance contracts prepared according to the needs of the customers, the devices which are sold can be used safely for years. With the maintenance contracts; Periodical maintenance is done 3 times till the period of the maintenance contracts. Precaution is taken against malfunction that may occur in the system. We are giving “In place troubleshooting services” for free to the devices under the contract. %20 maintenance contract discount is applied over the spare parts prices.

We are producing the spare parts rapidly with having the advantage of %100 domestic production so like that we are providing efficiency to our customers.

When the installation infrastructure of the environment becomes ready, the technical service personnel are put in charge the systems which was sold. All of our products are guaranteed for 2 years starting from commissioning.

Our call center gives 7/24 services and opens fault record, beside that they are satisfying the customer needs with giving in place service. We have the powerful ability to provide technical services to solve problems in the 7 regions of Turkey. UPS systems feeding critical loads are following by the Enel System, if there is an unusual situation alarms can be send vis SMS/e-mail and like that systems can be controlled remotely.