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Converts to electric energy to the chemical energy. When it’s necessary it converts the chemical energy to electric energy from the storage. Battery works with 3 functions. By converting electrical energy into chemical energy in charging systems and store it. It turns chemical energy into electrical energy. It also provides voltage in the electric circuits. Especially the box cover of the battery is made of plastic or bakelite. It’s necessary to control the battery before the winter. It’s also important and necessary to control of the water level inside the battery. Especially in summer because of evaporation it can boil and come to an end. With Elen energy the way of battery maintenance and battery use can explain rightly to you.

Another point to be careful to batteries not to have short circuit is not to put any metal tool on them. Pole heads have to be protected against the oxidation. It has to assembly well that in place to not have further problems from shaking. Also you have to protect batteries from very cold or very hot conditions. It can explode. Don’t forget to check the spills in the batteries. It has to be open all the time. Elen energy is going to enlighten you rightly about batteries. Before connecting the battery, positive (+) operation followed by a negative (-) operation, when removing the opposite operation must be performed. In particular, try not to leave your battery uncharged. When you do that your batteries will be more long lasting.

Batteries are not only for vehicles, nowadays it also stores the electric energy, retrieval and use when it’s necessary. The battery should not be overloaded. Because charging on a certain level causes hydrogen and oxygen to fly as well. Even if you have bought your batteries newly, you need to charge them. Especially when you buy a battery make sure about they put the acid inside or not.If they didn’t , then just fort he first time it is beneficial to add sulfuric acid to a certain extent. Ofcourse after that you need to use pure water. When you buy batteries from Elen Energy, you can see all processes about the batteries completed well.

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