ELEN ENERGY - Technical Service

As ELEN, our primary goal is to improve customer satisfaction by making our service the most professional. We provide solutions all over the world with the advantage of 100% domestic production and our expertly trained staff. Whenever our customers need Maintenance, Commissioning, Spare Parts and Technical Support for uninterrupted power supply, we are committed to providing it in the fastest and highest quality. Our first priority is to provide not only our products, but also our technical service network service, which is spread throughout all regions of Turkey, 24/7 without interruption. As a company, we undertake serious efforts to produce high quality products that meet the expectations of the users at the highest level, and to provide After-Sales Support Services in a reliable and fast way. In addition, thanks to a special software developed by our IT department, we monitor all the devices of our customers and provide a quick return to their demands. On the other hand, all the devices in our portfolio pass many quality checks and tests in the process from production to shipment. We have a professional staff that implements quality management systems and has adopted the principle of continuous development and improvement.

In order to determine the system that the user needs, a report is prepared by “unpaid load detection” in place and as a result, the most appropriate solution is presented to the customer in all parts of TURKEY.

The devices, sold with different maintenance agreements tailored to the needs of the customers, are provided to be used safely for years. Periodical maintenance is done 3 times during the duration of the periodic maintenance contract. Precautions are taken in advance against failures that may occur in the system. The “on-site breakdown services” provided to devices under the agreement are made free of charge. 20% maintenance agreement discount is applied over spare parts prices.

We provide 100% efficiency to our users with instant spare parts supply, which is the biggest advantage of producing 100% domestic production.

The systems sold are get into operation by the technical service staff when the installation infrastructure of the environment is ready. All our products are guaranteed for 2 years from start-up.

Our call center meets incoming calls 24/7, opens fault records and meets customer needs with on-site service. We have the power to prevent problems instantly with our technical service staff spread across 7 regions of Turkey. UPS systems that supply critical loads are monitored via ENEL System, in an unusual situation alarms are sent via SMS/e-mail and systems can be controlled remotely.