Quality and Environmental Policy

As ELEN ENERGY, our quality policy is to produce high quality uninterruptible power supply systems that meet the expectations of our customers at the highest level and to provide after-sales support services reliably. We are determined to be the leading company in the sector with our professional staff who implement Quality Management Systems and have adopted the philosophy of continuous development and improvement.

  • OSH and Environmental Policy
  • To comply with all legal requirements related to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Environmental Issues and to continuously develop them by making them a part of the company culture,
  • To take all preventive measures before accidents and occupational diseases occur by identifying the hazards related to OHS with a systematic approach,
  • To organize the necessary educations in order to make all our employees aware that the creation of a healthy and safe working environment is our primary goal,
  • To present our customer energy solutions in a way that is most beneficial and environmentally sensitive,
  • To develop eco friendly products and services
  • To follow innovations and developments on environmental and OHS issues with precision
  • To ensure unconditional and willing compliance with environmental and OHS regulations,
  • To give out the eco friendly outlook by raising awareness with employees and customers,
  • To consider environmental impacts strictly in all business processes relevant to our sector,
  • To make studies to prevent all kinds of environmental pollution in our works
  • To take into account the environmental and OHS factors in the operation of all our departments
  • To reduce and eliminate all the wastes in a way that has minimal impact on the environment
  • To perform works to protect our natural resources such as energy and water
  • To make activities based on recycling policy
  • To detaile inquiry of the environmental effects of the supplied products
  • To ensure continuous development by following OHS and Environmental Management Systems
  • ELEN ENERGY undertakes to keep its promises in all its working processes and in all of its chapters on the topics of Environment and OHS.