Uninterruptible Power Supplies



ELEN, the leading power electronics manufacturer, was founded in Istanbul in 1988. It is one of the strongest brands in Turkey and the world in the energy sector. ELEN, which has completed 30 years in the market in 2018 and has regional offices and dealerships in many provinces of Turkey today, is a pioneer not only in the sector but also in innovation and success, with also its sales and service network established in more than 60 countries in the world with its ELEN brand. ELEN has solution-partnership with the world biggest brands of uninterruptible power supplies with its domestic and intelligent technological products.

Consequently, within the scope of the steady growth realized every year, we are proud to establish the second factory in Kütahya while continuing the production in the first factory installed on an area of 80,000 m2. While we continue to create new employment areas with our new investments by laying the foundations of our third factory,we are working hard to provide added value to Turkey.

To provide the professional services about sales and marketing of uninterruptible power supply equipment and other products, we prepare the highest efficient solutions to the needs of customers, industry and market in the shortest time. We distribute our products, produced exactly as with the latest technology used in the world, from our factories to Turkey and the World. Within R&D, besides being manufacturer of Uninterrupted Power source we are also producing Regulators, STS, IT,Panel and Solar energy systems, Wind energy systems, Industrial automation systems and Server cabinets, and also we offer Data Center solutions that are specific to the IT industry.

As ELEN, we carry out serious efforts to produce high quality products that meet the expectations of our customers at the highest level and to provide reliable and fast after-sales support services. In addition, we developed a special software to monitor all of our customers ‘ devices and provide a fast return to their demands. We provide 7/24 service with our advanced after-sale service network. Our devices pass many quality checks and tests in the process from production to shipment. We are committed to being the leading company in the sector with our professional staff who implement Quality Management Systems and have adopted continuous development and improvement.

Today, ELEN products are used in almost all sectors. We have references in major institutions and organizations. It is very important to prevent power outages in medical devices such as tomography, MRI, intensive care units, laboratory devices which are vital for human health. In this respect, ELEN has 70% equipment supply in public and private hospitals in Turkey. Our devices are used not only in hospitals but also in airports, datacenters, Industrial Organizations, Railways, Universities, the Ministry of National Defense and many public institutions such as banks and private sector.

Being one of the oldest institutions in the industry with pride of producing experiencely for over 30 years, and with the references from the institutions that have been worked together for many years, ELEN will continue to provide every possible solution ideally about the projects within the scope of ELEN’s expertise.