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L1 SERIES 650 – 1250 VA Single phase

3L Rectifier & Inverter Technology High short circuit withstand capacity Regenerative operation Regenerative loading Low input current THDi (? 4%) Low output voltage THDv (? 2%) Common battery operation High input pf 0,99 between 0% - 100% load High outut power factor 0.9 (optional 1) High input and output performance Soft start (optional) Cold start (optional) Short circuit protection External bypass (optional) Optimum generator compability Long battery life with smart battery charge leading Automatic and manual battery test adjustable as period and time

L2 SERIES 1-3K kVA Single phase

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) Pure sine wave output voltage 1-10A adjustable charger Low output voltage THD on battery (.3%) Low transfer time (.5ms) Energy-saving sleep mode Overload, short circuit, lightning and surge protection Extended battery life with intelligent battery management Battery cabinet for longer back-up time Cold Start LED user interface LED battery capacity and load percentage indicator Battery mode, low battery capacity, overload and fault alarms RS232 communication, SNMP (Optional) Remote monitoring and management software Smart fan control Silent operation Internal battery Easy installation and maintenance 7/24 technical support and customer service